Pourquoi Story

February 17, 2009, 11:50 am
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All cultures have legends and tales to communicate their values and traditions; art, fashion, movies and music and other means of creative expression are ever so much inspired by tales and stories.

I was enchanted when I travelled to Australia a few years ago and got in touch with the “Dreamtime” for the first time. It’s a truly amazing story.  The Australian Aborigines believe that every meaningful life activity or event that occurs at a certain place leaves behind an invisible “vibrational” residue in the earth – jiva or guruwari, a “seed power”.  As with a seed, the power of an earthly location is tied to the memory of its origin.  The Aborigines refer to this power as the “Dreaming” of a place.

The meaning of things – life as it flows around me – is an endless source of inspiration.  Are there still pourquoi stories in our contemporary lives?  Perhaps not, but I think we should always keep an open mind…


dreamtime stilts

Junya Watanabe SS'06


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