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Rachel writes for Instyle
April 23, 2009, 3:26 pm
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I was so excited to discover that one of my favorite fashionistas – Rachel Bilson, will be writing a monthly column in InStyle! She will share her favourite trends and write a Q&A to answer readers’ questions relating all areas of style. Rachel tells WWD, “I am not planning on quitting my day job to be a full-time fashion editor, although I am really enjoying it and it intrigues me very much.” This might be the most genius starlet-meets-fashion move I’ve heard in a long, long time.


Despite being overshadowed by Mischa Barton during her The OC days, Rachel has gradually built on her fashion credit and is now on everyone’s style radar.  Her hipster inspired looks come across as unique and interesting, rather than annoying and constantly reproduced. Whether she’s rocking a Zac Posen gown to a premiere or running errands around L.A. in a tee and jeans, Rachel always adds quirky little touches to her outfits that make her stand out. Her style is comfortable, bohemian yet always pulled together. She’s so adorable. I just can’t wait to pick up the May issue of Instyle.



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Valentino: The Last Emperor
April 23, 2009, 10:09 am
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I finally got to see the much-awaited Valentino documentary, which didn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s awesome. Funny, touching, and fascinating, the film opens with Valentino’s spring 06 collection, looks back on the Dolce Vita days and ends with his three day Roman blowout and retirement – a tragic end of an era (of couturiers that simply won’t exist again). It tells a story of a man who wants nothing more than to make women feel beautiful but who can’t, or won’t, find a way to fit into a changed industry.


At the centre is a love story: the fifty-year relationship between Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti, his business partner, lover, best friend and confidante. The film manages to give us a sense of the unusual strength and courage these remarkable men needed to navigate the brutal world of ego and high finance – and to do so together. Their moments onscreen are touching, joyous and heartbreaking. Giancarlo says, “To be with Valentino as a friend, as a lover, as an employee – it’s all the same. You need a lot of patience.” And then he tells Valentino he’s too tan, which was hilarious. When Giancarlo asks Valentino why he’s using pink for his finale dresses instead of red, Valentino responds, disgusted, “Enough with the red! The red dresses are the most simple, the most stupid!” My favourite moment? When Karl Lagerfeld congratulated Valentino after his final couture show, “This is how it should be done. Compared to us, the rest are making rags!”








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The Balmain girl
April 16, 2009, 3:21 pm
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First of all, she is lucky enough to get to wear all those fabulous pieces from the French ‘It’ label. Secondly, she has what it takes (strikingly beautiful face + slim curvy body) to pull off those looks. If Balmain ever needs someone to front their ad campaign, they should pick Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (as Tom Ford and Mango has already done).


The daughter of famed French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, Julia has been raised as fashion royalty and gradually become a style icon in her own right. She raids her mother’s closets but adds a dash of her own youthful spirit. He style, as summarized by Amy Astley from Teen Vouge, is about ‘mixing the innocent and young – short hemlines, flirty pieces – with a harder edge’. Whatever she worn always has a nice mix of girly and fierce.





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The Jacket
April 15, 2009, 11:18 am
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Balmain Spring 2009 Fashion Show, Paris: Runway



This is the jacket! The one that opened the spring 2009 Balmain show and sent drool gushing down your chin.

So who do you think worn it better, Anna or Beyoncé?

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How fabulous is this
April 14, 2009, 12:09 pm
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Being squashed between Marc Jacobs and Justin Timberlake… Lucky you Kate!




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Pointless designer products
April 14, 2009, 11:04 am
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Yes, we are in a recession. So when I saw this Hermès apple-holder I couldn’t help but wonder is this really necessary? I mean what’s the point to hold an apple in the first place anyway? So I had a browse on the internet and came across quite a few random designer labeled products. At a time when designer houses are cutting off employees and putting off shows, aren’t they a little too extravagant and pointless?


This is a Baby Dior stuffed animal which is amazingly creepy and pretty frightening as it looks like something out of Coraline.



Another high fashion bunny, this time it is designed by Rick Owens and made out of mink. (Translation: it’s $700) Apparently it can be used as a clutch for keys, cash and compact.




The Lanvin coloured pencils box selling for 400 euros




Philip & Swarovski USB Flash Drives that cost around $2000 each.





From house of Chanel – the segway, boomerang and fishing kit.






Finally, the custom ipod case LV made for Karl Lagerfeld tops all. It is made completely of their famed black Taiga leather with initials KL embossed. It holds up to 20 ipods and takes up to 8 months to make. But I wonder if all these justify the $15,000.00 price tag.





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That Girl 2
April 9, 2009, 12:59 pm
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Okay this is my second post about Olivia. I just can’t get enough of this girl and her style, especially when I saw this picture of her with Whitney. During her time on The Hills, Whitney was always known as the ‘best dressed one’. But now on her own show The City, she’s been facing stiff competition from Olivia. And in my humble opinion, she has been defeated in their style war. I don’t know what magic Olivia possesses but she always manages to outshine Whitney and never fails to stand out from the crowd. She is flawless with an impeccable style. I remember in Sex and the City, when Carrie bumps into Big’s new wife Natasha. Twenty five, tall, beautiful, and married, Natasha brings out Carrie’s worst insecurities. She wonders: are there women in New York City who live for the sole purpose of making other woman feel about themselves? Maybe there are and Olivia is undoubtedly one of them.



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