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How to spot an off-duty banker?
April 2, 2009, 10:43 am
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The G20 Summit begins today in London. It is a meeting between the world’s largest national economies to cooperate and consult on matters pertaining to the international financial system. Naturally, this attracts protestors of all kinds. Under the current economic crisis, the world’s bankers have attracted most attention as people blame them for the global credit problems.


In anticipation, the Metropolitan Police – long celebrated for its sartorial expertise – has advised bankers to dress down so they’re not easily recognized by protesters. That means no suit, be it from Savile Row or Resis. Yet, the bankers have also been told to avoid ‘chinos and loafers’ since those too are readily understood as ‘banker trying to dress like a normal person.’ The popular off-duty uniform – an untucked Thomas Pink shirt over dry-cleaned jeans – is off the list too. This is likely to present a sartorial challenge to the ‘Master of the Universes’. Both the Telegraphy and the Guardian has published articles with the same title: how not to look like a banker, in helping them to find the proper outfit under this circumstance. For male bankers, the solution goes to a brilliantly boring cardigan, a plain shirt and narrow-fit trousers/ jeans (preferably from Uniqlo). For female bankers, the pearl accessories are advised to be avoided at all cost. So is the Apprentice Chic look with black tailored suiting of any origin. A Breton style top and a cream trench coat are believed to be ideal.


Even under such disguise, can we still spot a banker? In my humble opinion, there are a few ways. Firstly, it’s the hair, be it super gelled like Ross Geller’s hair or neatly parted. Secondly, it’s the shoes. Those ridiculously clean causal shoes or never-before-used Nikes are dead giveaways. Last but not least, the watch makes a pretty clear statement. From Movado, Cartier to Patek Philippe according to their job hierarchy.





– PL


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