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The Queen Bee’s Legacy
May 20, 2009, 3:28 pm
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So Gossip Girl just aired its season finale – ‘Goodbye Gossip Girl’. Don’t worry, I won’t go to details about the plot developments as I genuinely don’t care (I still believe that both Vanessa and Dan should just jump off the Brooklyn Bridge). Well, I guess the only joy I had from the episode’s storyline is that Blair and Chuck finally got together (it’s about time).

Fashion-wise, the season finale did live up to expectations. Anyone who watches Gossip Girl knows that every episode is bound to be filled with Park Avenue princesses with outlandish (and fabulous) headbands. Blair, the Queen Bee of Constance wears hers proudly as her crown. In fact, no one wears headbands better than she does. Blair has single-handedly made them more alluring than ever. In this episode, Blair was undoubtedly potted in some exquisite headbands. Yet, the most fabulous one was actually worn by Jenny, the newly appointed Constance queen. Despite looking like a hot tranny mess, Jenny was given a gorgeous headband (hand-stitched with Swarovski crystals and retailed at $765) to continue Blair’s legacy. The master piece is from Jennifer Behr, the desinger whose collection has been seen in various episodes of the show. These four are the most remarkable ones.



P.S. I just came cross this site, What Chuck Wore. It’s a blog  entirely devoted to the fashion stylings of the Chuck Bass. The premise is simple: screen shots accompanied by fictional commentary from Chuck. Genius.


 – PL


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