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October 20, 2009, 11:27 pm
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Sex and the City will always be something special to me. (Especially for the sake that I did my dissertation on it, analyzing its impacts in terms of post-feminist culture within the current neo-liberal society. Sorry, boring stuff.) IMHO, the show had a perfect ending, which, of course, was ruined by the Sex and the City movie. And I was dead against the Sex and the City movie sequel and vowed to not make any comments about it. However after seeing these pictures, I’m literally speechless. What the hell was Miley Cyrus doing there? And why are she and Kim Cattrall wearing the same paillette detailed Mattew Williamson dress? The idea of her appearing in the movie just makes the whole thing so tacky. Both Kim and she look terrible here. There’s simply too much going on with the look. And I just don’t get the boots? How on earth would they go with the dress?

I used to love Charlotte’s style in the show. It may not be the most exciting one but she always looked so elegant and classic. Yes, I know Charlotte can be a bit up-tight and conservative but it doesn’t mean she has to math the colour of her dress, shoes and handbags every time. Seriously, can she look greener in the last picture? Fashion and style is effectively the fifth character of the show and I don’t think it’s been properly developed this time.

(credit: celebcity)


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