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Baby Mama
November 11, 2009, 2:43 pm
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Nicole Richie has been off my style radar for a while but this look really reminds me of how good she was and still is. There are so many things I like about this outfit, the vintage Chanel bag, the boots and the cute lace gloves. This is Nicole doing what she does the best, effortless chic. And can you believe that she just gave birth to a baby boy two moths ago?

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What the hell?
October 11, 2009, 2:44 pm
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Dita s fashion shoot cjJy8OIF8CMl

Dita s fashion shoot rGDjLWLuBkTl


So this is Dita von Teese doing a ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Fashion Shoot. And yes she is wearing THE dress which closed the sensational Christian Lacroix Haute Couture F/W 09 show. Honestly, Dita looks ridiculous. She’s wearing a Catholic inspired wedding dress with crucifixes on it with her usual stripper makeup, which I’m really getting tired of. I’d much prefer the dress on Vlada. The way it’s worn on the runway is so perfect. It’s such a shame that for an editorial it looses all its charm.

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– PL

Emmy disaster with the gossip girls
September 21, 2009, 11:11 pm
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I’m a die-hard Gossip Girl fan so you can image how I felt when I saw the looks of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester at the Emmy Awards. In fact, more disappointed than when I found out that the show wasn’t nominated in any major categories.


Let’s start with Blake, who won a red dress from Versace Fall 2009 collection. The colour of the dress is gorgeous but tack on a sleeve and change the color to teal it pretty much looks like the dress she won to the Met Gala. Her make-up and Lara Croft hair (which looks painful) isn’t helping either. I know it’s no longer cool to be following ‘rule’ when it comes to fashion, but I really think the ‘boobs or legs’ rule is really worthwhile. Blake never chooses either boobs or legs, but both of them. I love Blake and believe that she has so much more potential. I hope some day she’ll turn around and choose something that is more flattering and classy because this is just overkill. On top of that her complexion (blonde, tanned) – it’s already such a cliché in itself.


If I have to choose I think Leighton looked slightly better than Blake did but I was a boring look for her. She wore a white Bottega Veneta Fall 2009 gown. The dress looked terrific on the runway but I don’t think it works on Leighton. Neither does the hair nor the make-up, which makes her look tired and old. I guess this dress needs more elegant hair and would have looked better on someone with a taller frame. I just wish Leighton had taken a risk and worn something more interesting like she usually does.

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– PL

Preppy Done Well
September 16, 2009, 10:38 pm
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This is Olivia doing a preppy look and I think she absolutely nailed it. She looks so causal but still very chic and modern. I love how she spiced up the simple outfit with those silver shoes. The yellow finishing around the neck on her t-shirt is a nice touch too. And for once she actually looks a lot less put together than she usually does.

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Look of the Week
July 23, 2009, 10:46 pm
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Sorry for the slow updates recently, I guess I’m having a little “writer’s block” moment. I hope these new Olivia candids from the set of ‘The City’ will soon unblock my mind.

I Love Love this outfit!! It’s total preppy chic! The whole bow look with the white shirt does risk in looking cliché, but Olivia manages to make it so chic and feminine. As usual  she outshines Whitney (To be honest when I watch ‘The City’, I always gawk at how amazing Olivia looks. But when Whitney’s on, I just notice the annoying way she talks, not her outfit.)

Just in case you ever wonder, the white cardigan worn by Olivia is from Topshop (Surprised? Me too. I first thought it’s Chanel) and is still available to buy online.

(credit: celebrity-gossip.net)

– PL

Look of the Week



The promotional tour of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” has started. Emma Watson is under close watch for her style by fashionistas all over the world, and she didn’t disappoint. At the movie’s London premiere, Emma wore a beautiful floor-length vintage Ossie Clark dress and golden sandals by Charlotte Olympia. There is an ethereal quality about the look. I’m certainly surprised by her choice which is probably part of the reason why I like it. It’s just different and doesn’t seem generic. I think something couture or fresh off the Chanel runway would have been so obvious and boring. The natural make-up and red ribbon hair accessory are so fresh. She looks elegant yet not too grown up to alienate her young audience.

Emma once again hits the right style notes at her interview with David Letterman. She worn a stunning delicate nude organza Christopher Kane dress paired with gold platforms from Charlotte Olympia. This is another unexpected choice, which she totally pulls off. She looks effortless and sophisticated. I also love the fact that she’s been wearing British designers all the way.



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– PL

Look of the week
June 25, 2009, 3:57 pm
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This is what Olivia worn to a lunch with Whitney (I’m not sure if this was private or they were already shooting for The City). Olivia’s outfit really surprised me, in a good way of course. She looks so casual but at the same time really elegant and fresh. The simple white blazer and leather leggings ensemble kinda gives a very different take on leggings. I personally don’t even like leggings as pants but I have to admit that she pulls it off very well. When the top half of the outfit is kept so simple, I know Olivia would spice it up with an unorthodox choice of shoes and she doesn’t disappoint. Those sliver ones are an eccentric touch. They just add to the outfit without being too distracting and for once she’s actually wearing flat shoes. I know some people may say that Olivia seems to be always trying too hard to have the perfect outfit each and every time. This is going to sound really shallow, but that’s one of the main reasons why I love her! I mean, she hardly ever puts a foot wrong in the outfit/make-up stakes and who can blame a girl for making an effort ?

Just in case if you wonder what Whitney worn… I’m not even going to comment on those pants.



– PL