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All about the Front Rows
September 20, 2009, 11:37 pm
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So it’s fashion week and finding out who is sitting on the front row is just as important as discovering the latest trends. I’m currently interning at a well-known British fashion house, whose show is on Sunday. Of course its front rows will be packed with celebrities, big fashion buyers and influential fashion editors. On Friday our system was down (typical!) but the phone never stopped ringing. There were people who were still requiring tickets to the show at last minute. One beverage company, who is our sponsor, was ruthlessly demanding five tickets to the show with front row seats. ‘No sponsor ever gets front row seats! These seats are reversed for more important people!’ the manager furiously declined their request. But the people at the beverage company wouldn’t give in. ‘Honestly I can’t even give you the second row. It’s too late. You should have asked earlier… OK I will try my best but our system isn’t working…’ By the time I left the office the negotiation was still ongoing. Wonder which row these people eventually end up with.

(credit: celebritycity )

– PL