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Olivia in Topshop again
June 4, 2009, 12:01 pm
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When Olivia went to Cannes Film Festival, it seems that she had only packed one pair of shoes, her black YSL tribute sandals. She wore them to every party she was invited to at Cannes. Don’t get me wrong. I adore those YSL tribute sandals. Olivia’s Cannes trip is a living proof on how versatile they can be (the shoes worked with every single outfit she wore). Yet, as a socialite who also works in the fashion industry (whether it’s really or not), I do expect Olivia to show us some more shoe wonders. So back from Cannes and attending the Calvin Klein Collection and Visionaire 56 Solar launch, Olivia wore a pair of T-bar Platforms. And guess who they are from? Topshop! They actually looked a lot more expensive than they cost (£65) and went well with the whole outfit.

(Olivia at Cannes in her favourite YSL tribute sandals)39791_celeb-city_org-The_Elder-Olivia_Palermo_2009-05-16_-_Soho_House_Art_Of_Elysium_Party_063_122_404lo





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well heeled: LaRare Paris
May 14, 2009, 1:20 pm
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LaRARE Pairs is one label that will have my undying lust. I first came cross it at the Bryce d’Anice Aime F/W 2009 show during LFW. The shoes used on the runway were extraordinary. I was trying to do some research on the label but their site is in French so I could barely make out much and I don’t think they have any stockists in the UK (what a shame). Yet the shoes speak for themselves. Check out those ELECTRA MONTANA boots – the hottest I’ve ever seen to date!


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– PL